terça-feira, 14 de julho de 2009

Keep it up, maestro

Somewhere around our last destination,
maybe, we'll thank our fate anyway,
only I wish that our homeland's transgression
wouldn't be turned to an idol some day.
Well, never mind, that's the way we are destined,
such is our fate: now we feast, now we fight...
Don't give up hope, hold it out, maestro,
keep meditating and feeling inspired.
Short are the years of our blithe adolescence
off they will fly and disperse, in a flash...

We’ve anything at all:
smiles, joys and everything,
one common moon for all,
one summer and one spring.

...Like songs, years go by very quickly.
I've changed all my views and my mood.
The yard is too small for me, really,
I’m going to leave it for good.

(I listen to music on a low volume so no one else knows what I'm feeling)

(I miss a man I didn't get to know, Dad)

(I wish I could fall in love and get trapped like before, at least I felt something at all

... And you were right, I don't need love, I just need someone to trust)

(I still keep your pictures. It's been 4 years. I just havent fallen in love with anyone since then)

Off I go.

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