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Mostrando postagens de Outubro, 2011

Finally awake.

Is this it?, I kept asking myself, burning my tongue with coffee.
Is this everything I believe in?
That was me, as I sat in my kitchen drinking coffee, listening to some Coner Oberst project while the washing machine kept the noise in the background constant. I had just jumped out of bed screaming the word "PANTS" - when you put the real desperation into every syllabe you get the feeling of a normal Monday in Moscow. At least my Mondays. Being a med student was never meant to be easy, but somedays I just wanted to quit. Like I couldn't take that one more. When it was summer I would bike to university, but now it's cold, I'm grumpy and bikes just seem out of place in horrible days in a horrible season. Anyways, I was sticking to that, or at least I kept repeating myself the reasons I had moved here.
So that was everything I believed in: coffee, Conor Oberst and Vanish (well, my white coat was getting somehow whiter and whiter). Everything in that one cenario. I didn…