quinta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2010

Para o Paulinho, escrito há três anos.

Hanging out with the craziest lot
that habitate my mind
So full of companies, so alone, but hidden.
Well done.
You see, it's not you I miss, it's the world I can't forget.
You're the thing I can't ever get.
The world is too big to ignore.

So don't want to make up my stupid bets.
Not again.
This time I have no gain.

The biggest world I've ever been.
The craziest thing I've ever seen.
Planet Earth gets lost and we can't achieve the 2nd square.
Nature is sad for me.
Sorry for what I have been
I shout
- I'm a little jerk.
But that's what we're meant.

Sometimes I get lost in my mind.
Cause it has got streets, cadilacs, people and parties.
And it's far too big, as big as the world feels
Big as the scar planet earth can't heal.

And I think that's what the world is made of.
A little of imagination, cads, people, parties and streets.
That's what I'm trying to step off
Can't scape
But it's what I got.

You came into my thoughts.
You had no hall pass
Well, you're part of the world too
Feels fair, sounds fair.

I will break into my thoughs
Can't see what's written on my heart
This can't heal
This doesn't prove to be any real
Guess I'll start something new.

It's not you I miss
It's a world I can't forget
But it's what I got

You were a whole goddam planet
At least you had moons and stars
Printed on your washed face.

It was what we got.

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